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When you pay $5 you will get two specialized courses in stock investing step by step and how to establish a successful project within 30 days
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Draw Date -31/07/2019
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Pay ten dollars and get four courses in the best way for a harmonious body – mental health care – the basics of organizing your eating habits and health – the basics of nutrition and weight loss
Enter the chance to win 1 million dollars plus get a one-week stay in Kuala Lumpur in a 5-star hotel

Draw Date -31/10/2019
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When you pay $15 you will get six specialized courses in the basics of etiquette of social relations – body language – effective methods of education – analysis of children’s drawings – my secrets in education – languages of love
Enter the chance to win 2 million dollars plus get a bonus one-week stay in Miami, USA

Draw Date -31/12/2019
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